Welcome to IdealPitch, the new online investment community, where we aim to allow entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to introduce themselves to suitable investors.

Through an interactive marketplace, companies ranging from initial start-ups to fully established SMEs can pitch their ideas and business proposals to a host of angel investors.

As an angel investor you will have comprehensive access to all pitches allowing you to seek your ideal investment…..with no interference from us, the rest is up to you!


IdealPitch.com is an online Investment Community aimed at Angel Investors seeking Investment opportunities and Entrepreneurs in search of capital for their company.

Our aims are simple, as is the concept; we want to have as little interference as possible. The Entrepreneur makes a Pitch; an Investor shows an interest; and the the two parties meet. From the moment an Entrepreneur and Investor come into contact to discuss terms we will take no more involvement, the rest is up to you!
For more Information :- http://www.idealpitch.com/

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