Company: Idea Event Management
Name: Chai Siak Lim
Position: Project Coordinator
Tel: 082-363 628
Fax: 082-363 628
Mobile: 016-886 1813
Address:No. 151, Taman stutong Indah, Jln Setia Raja, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
Detail: Event

One thought on “Idea Event Management

  1. unhonnest and unreliable
    bad business dueling
    he will listen and agree what you talk but at the end the different will come out with a several reason
    is OK to just be a friend but dont be the below:

    if you want to be his customer better to put it in scheduled and writtern contract if can is better your contract is legal acknowledged.
    if not prepared for yourself

    if you want to be his supplier is better cash on delivery due

    if you want to be his worker, prepare a sum of saving to cover your daily expanses,

    it is advised better to choose another

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