Fusion IT – Your One Stop I.T Shop

Fusion I.T offers very attractive prices on computer related products from Complete Audio Systems to Webcams, serving the needs of customers with reliable customer service and fast shipping.

Fusion I.T is a fresh, innovative and dynamic I.T company. We supply a large range of computer products, including but not limited to storage solutions, computer chassis, wireless routers, ink cartridges and toners, power supplies, web-cams, case fans, sound cards, speakers, and tons more. Additionally all our products are genuine brand name products, to name a few, Altec Lansing, AVLabs, Belkin, Canon, Cooler Master, Epson, Everglide, Freecom, HIS Digital, Hotway, HP, iFrogz, Leadtek, Logitech, Netgear, Nortek, Plantronics, Razer, Samsung, Sandisk, Sarotech, Vantec, Viewsonic and others. With our huge product range and daily updates, our product database is literally bursting at the seams.

Our low prices are not our only bottom line. It’s all about the people that we conduct business with. We at Fusion I.T believe in treating our customers, members and visitors with a high degree of respect and honesty. We try our best to ensure that each customer, member and visitor enjoys their purchasing experience or visiting experience with us right from the beginning until the end.

In order for us to maintain our high quality of service, we at Fusion I.T encourage all customers, members and visitors to frequently leave reviews at the review section whether it be positive or negative as we would like to know how well each customer, member or visitor enjoyed their experience with us. We would greatly appreciate it, if customers, members and visitors leave feedback at feedback@fusionit.com.my frequently. Fusion I.T hopes that you have a great purchasing experience here, feel free to browse around and make yourselves at home.

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