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Thanks For reading the page “about us” to get know more information from what our purpose to have 22.com.my. And below are some Frequently Asked Questions by our business partner/customer.

Q: Why choose 22.com.my as online advertising?
A: Refer REASONs advertise in 22commy ? – As we know, there is many corporate website made by the business owner at www.YOURNAME.com. But normally there will only a few consumer/reader will “click” or “type” your domain name to get into your website. After studying, the reason normally is because of “less or no updating” / less products / nothing interesting from what the website “maintenance” are doing.

Q: What the Objective ?
A: The objective of 22.com.my is to help the corporate website (www.YOURNAME.com) gather in 22.com.my then publish through various kind of media like newspaper, shop, banner, and every thing that can perform a high explorer/advertisement at place to place. You may see picture below to understand more about the procedures.


22commy-advertiseproceduresQ: What is my (business partner) benefit?
A: You will have a website/web page to promote your products & services for consumer around the world.

Secondly, this is a FREE website to promote your business in term of condition by QM Advertising Promotion: you only need to print name card (price start from RM25 and above) at QM Advertising. And I believe every business people will have a name card, right? So just a “normal” / “need” of name card order. Then a web page/ advertising will create for you in a day.

Q: How to know 22.com.my is well known / ranking compare with the other ? –
A: Welcome to check the ‘Alexa website ranking’ = http://alexa.com
Q: Who should registered for this ? –
A: Every one such as : company, small company, enterprise , sdn bhd , blogger , personal , freelancer , and etc —-

Q: what should I do if I want to advertise here?
A: REFER 10 steps advertise in here

Q: How to be a partner with 22.com.my?
A: Please provide your contact information and a brief with your ideas about partnership in your mind. For an example: – QM adverting & 22.com.my, or exchange’s links with us.



Q: Why your web-advertising side banner is cheaper than other web-advertising, start from RM10/month?
A: as we have mention in “ABOUT US”, we are advertising more in “budget” advertiser/business partner. To be honestly share to you we are still “young” in online business (new), but we trust that we can give a better solution for business partner to publish or dealing in “online advertising”. No matter how hard it is, we will try the best to help your business grow through 22.com.my

Q: How is the payment method for the side bar advertise ?
A: The Job will proceed when Customer pay a certain deposit of a total amount that set by our design firm (QM Advertising). Usually you will need to walk in to QM advertising in this moment. It will help the admin in QM Advertising to understand more about your requirement.

If you have additional questions need to ask. Please send an email to us about your question, we will try our best to answer you question.


Q: How do I register for my domain name or sub domain name in 22.com.my?
A: You need to verify your domain name in www.yourname.com whether is available to buy or not. If the domain name is available, we will register for your domain name after payment received. You need to fill our domain name registration form to proceed. You also can buy yourself and just let us know about your registration detail…

Q: What the different between www.YOURNAME.com and www.YOURNAME.22.com.my?
A: For the domain name: – www.YOURNAME.com, it is shorter / easy remembers / corporate name, but you will need to buy the domain name that pay by yearly.

For the sub domain name like www.YOURNAME.22.com.my, is a “SUB” domain from www.22.com.my, and this is normally free of charges for our customer (just need to pay the hosting/arrangement/design/setup fee), reason is – we will help to promote your company’s website through our main website (www.22.com.my).

Q: Can I transfer an existing domain name under your service like re upload / rearrange / reedit / redesign?
A: Yes, in term of- you need to let us know your information about your domain service information & current DNS (Name server)/ID/Password and we will help you to upload / setting the file to server in our finishing design. Normally, we will have the setup by our own web hosting company (for us to manage our service is in good condition). The prices will charge in certain amount.

Q: where is your web hosting company?
A: Our web hosting is http://www.exabytes.com.my/ at SARAWAK. You are welcome to read more about their details with just a click.

Q: How long does it take to finish setting up a domain or sub domain together with my hosting/server?
A: After your confirmation about the template & details of your pages look. Usually take about 1-4 working days.

Q: Does it cost anything to upgrade/upload/setting a new page/image to my website?
A: Yes. There are charges for webpage/images/theme’s upgrading & changes & uploading in your website. Just let us know what the details/images/information that you want to upload/changes to…

Q: Can I arrange/design/upload/setup myself?
A: Yes. After the 1st time setup, customers are allowed to change/reedit/design/image upload themselves.



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