Fah Voon Transport Company

Company Name: Fah Voon Transport Company
Address: Unit 4, 2nd Frl, Block A, Lot. 57882, EDR 50758 Sempurna Complex,
Kompong Penkalan Gadong, Mukim Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam BE 3719.

Tel: 2773388
Fax: 2773553 / 2670201
Email: tfv8668@hotmail.com

Contact Person: Then Fah Voon (Ah Voon)
Mobile: 8723898

Contact Person: Then Fah Lim (Ah Lim)
Mobile: 8776981

Deal in: Transportation, Wash Sand, Sea Sand, Hot Mix, 3/4 Stone, C/Run & Etc.

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