Our name : P V Anversha& Nora Lina
We live in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
I am an Engineer by Profession and owns a Manufacturing Company in Klang.
Where as my wife Lina is a Lecturer in Local University.

  • Redianze is an advanced cellular nutrients formulation that supplements the body with HMCP, astaREAL® P2AF, Vitamin C and Prunus persica extract for cell rejuvenation, beautification and not to forget, protection from oxidative damage that causes degeneration of the cells which leads to premature aging.
  • After the age of 25, we lose our collagen at the rate of 1.5% a year. That means that by the age of 35, the body has lost 15% of its collagen stores.
  • By ingesting collagen, the body’s stores can be replenished. It does not only improve the quality of life but also helps us to look and feel young.

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Name : P V A Sha  :  016 238 5151
Name : Nora Lina  :  017 2940969
eMail : sha@eskayvie.net ,  sha@myeincome.com
Address : No 2 Lorong Sri Damak 24 , Taman Sri Andalas , 41200, Klang , Selangor, Malaysia .

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Norjihan Mustaffa

Cell No    : + 65 92789223
Website : http://www.eskayvie.net

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