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HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE ??? here is some tips —

Step 1: Sign up as a member for FREE

Join EmailCashPro as a member for free and select the kind of emails you are interested in receiving.

Step 2: Read emails that you are interested

Receive Paid Emails that match your profile and interest. These emails will have subject headlines that start with **SoloAd**, followed by a description of the content of the Paid Email. Browse through the subject description. If you are interested in the subject, click on the link in the email to view the content. Click here for a screenshot of a sample Paid Email you will receive.

Once you click on the Paid Link and visit the advertiser’s website for 30 seconds, your account will be credited with 1 point. Your accumulated points will then be converted into cash credits on the first week of every month. The conversion is done based on 40% of our total earnings for the previous month. This means we share 40% of our total revenue with our members! Our conversion for the last few months ranges from 0.55 cents to 0.75 cents.

Step 3: Share good stuff with your friends

The most powerful part of EmailCashPro is our 4 level referral system. When you refer other people to join EmailCashPro, you will receive 50% of your referral’s earnings on level 1, 20% of your referral’s earnings on level 2, 15% of your referral’s earnings on level 3 and 10% of your referral’s earnings on level 4.

Never underestimate the power of cents. With our 4 level referral system, your income can easily be in the order of $100s a month!

“I’d rather have 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.” – J. Paul Getty, one of the world’s first billionaire.

You can easily build your referral team by sending invitation letters, informing your friends about our latest members only offer or by sharing interesting Paid Emails with them. More details are provided in your Members Login Page.

Step 4: Receive cheque in your letter box

Once your account reaches our minimum payout of S$11, you can request for a cash-out from us. For Singapore members, you can cash out your earning through cheque or paypal. For International members, you can cash out through paypal. All payment will be made in Singapore dollars.

中文 :-    EmailCashPro賺錢的方法


【1】 點擊電子郵件:簡單點擊法,如您收到的電子郵件有附屬的標題“ SoloAd ”等字體,就是點擊有錢的電子郵件了(如圖下),只要點擊“付費鏈接’的網址直接連續到該網站,一旦您點擊有鏈接和參於登廣告商的網站30秒以上,您的帳 戶將擁有1分。在每個月第一星期,公司會將您的積累分轉換成現金放進您的戶口裡!

【2】EmailCashPro的最強有力的部份是我們的4個層次(一級)提及系統。當您推薦朋友加入EmailCashPro ,您將享受50%笫一層次的收入, 20 %笫二次的收入, 15 %笫三次的收入和10%笫四次的收入等!如您推薦更多朋友進的話,以我們的4個層次(一級)的及系統,您的收入可能輕易地到達100新元每個月以上

【重要關鍵就是向您的朋友送出邀請信,與他們分享這非常吸引人的網賺計劃吧!推薦20人之上您就自動升級為”黃金級會員”,另加額外$ 5新元

EmailCashPro提供1 )支票付款和2 )貝寶付款

提款的數目是10 新幣, 100 新幣 或 1000 新幣

支票的話會收取1新幣,如果你不想被收取1元新幣,可以選擇註冊貝寶(PAYPAL)“網絡銀行” ,它也可以在你需要時寄支票給你。(注諾要收取支票請填對住址以便方便寄送!!)


TERMS ——- PS – We Do Not Take any responsible for the case of cheated . Try At Your Own Risk.

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