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EASTWEAR thrive on its unique taste in fashion and extraordinary fashion sense aiming to create fantastic pieces of fashion for the local market. During the years that followed, EASTWEAR continues to provide fashionable clothing of high quality at affordable prices to meet the growing demand of the market.


Our fundamentals are what drive our success in the fashion retail business.
In an ever changing highly competitive market it is these fundamentals that keep us growing:
· We believe that our employees are our core asset and by taking good care of our employees they will take good care of our customers.
· We strive to provide the ultimate customer service experience to our customers where customer satisfaction is our top priority.
· We believe in investing the services of local artists to promote our fashion products hence making our brand more visible to our customers.
· We ensure operations excellence in both our internal and external side of the business.
· We create a culture surrounding our brand and not merely selling retail fashion items.
Brand, Culture and Fashion

EASTWEAR designs are conceptualized base on the idea of making our customers feel trendy, sexy and modern while adhering to their unique fashion requirements. Clothing and accessories that are fitting and functional with comfortable materials is our key ingredients in creating that EASTWEAR experience for our customers. The design concept of “Conventional Sexiness” is featured in our fashion products which makes our customers feel modern, trendy and sexy without being overexpose.

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Address: Lot 1-17, 1st Floor, Plaza Alam Sentral, Jalan Majlis, Section 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Telephone: +60355103039 or Fax: +60350321038

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