DBC Kuching

DBC – Documentation Based Care
Is an evidence based Finnish Physiotherapy and Active Rehabilitation protocol that concentrates on neck, shoulder, lower back and knee problems.

A decade ago, bed rest was recommended as standard treatment, whereas now, an active approach is known to be more effective. DBC works on the concept of Active Muscle reconditioning programme.

The DBC concepts are recognized by medical doctors, specialists, insurance companies arond the world. DBC clinics are located all over Europe, the United States, Middle East, South Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

DBC Kuching
Active Rehabilitation Centre
2nd Floor, Stallion Building, Sublot 17, Rock Commercial Centre, 1 1/2 Mile, Jalan Rock, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia。
H/P: +6082-246 322
Email: dbckuching@hotmail.com

DBC Kuching strongly believe that good treatment outcomes provide a solid foundation for a profitable clinical business. It is a big step to implement evidence-based physiotherapy in clinics and to apply research results in practice, all while taking into account patient’s specific goals. To ensure high quality and strong treatment outcomes there are many needs, including a strong medical background and a uniform treatment strategy. With the market’s best treatment devices a physiotherapist can customize safe and effective exercise programs for clients. An additional “practice-oriented” education lays the foundation for a systematic treatment process. All of these things are taken into account in the DBC concept.

The DBC Concept is an individualized evidence based active physiotherapy treatment approach to manage musculoskeletal disorders. The elements of the DBC cognitive behavioral approach help physios to deliver the proper professional guidance – DBC is not joining or leading a physiotherapy treatment trend, this is what DBC Kuching have always done and DBC Kuching have proven treatment outcomes to prove that what DBC Kuching do works.

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