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Cyngus Technologies Sdn Bhd is a specialist TollFree Solutions provider of advanced 1300 and 1800 TollFree domestic and international services to the Malaysian business community.

In partnership with Telekom Malaysia, Cyngus provides TollFree services and market intelligence reporting for business customers with 1800 and 1300 services connected to the TM network.

Incorporated in 2006 the company is proudly owned by local Malaysian Directors and Investors. In 2007 the organisation was awarded with MSC Status.

The Cyngus team can offer Malaysian businesses over 15 years of consultative TollFree expertise spanning several international markets.
Our customers include Corporates, Government and Multinationals, as well as small and medium enterprises.
Cyngus’s mission is to provide sustainable and cost effective solutions that help businesses get the best from their TM TollFree services.
To learn more about how we can help your business grow please contact us by phone or email at anytime. We look forward to being of service.


Did you know that TM Toll Free is more than just a telephone line? It has a range of Management Tools that are being utilized by many Malaysia companies today. The value they are receiving, enables them to manage the marketing budgets better, ensuring they can utilize the best media possible and understanding if they are reaching their target markets.

It has certainly been improving customer service levels, where companies are receiving monthly reporting information that is enhancing their decision making process.
Many organisations have increased their customer acquisition through identifying new markets and managing their distribution channels differently, subsequently increasing sales revenue.

Enterprise companies in Malaysia, from SME to Corporate and Govt agencies, are utilizing our management tools for many different reasons because it assists them to manage their business more effectively. As one customer says “The outstanding reports helps our business and offered a comprehensive solution for our Marketing, Customer Service & HR…”

At RM 8.33 /day

TollFree helps your business to:
*Improve customer service
*Enhance company Image
*Increase sales & revenue
*Measure marketing campaign ROI

and many more…

Talk to our consultant at 1800 88 FREE (3733) at no cost to you (EVEN FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE).


Testimonials – Cyngus Technologies

How The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) has used TM Toll Free to improve service to its customers

Before ABM set up its 1300 88 9980 TollFree number, members of the public either had to write a letter or call their general number if they had any concerns or queries.

By setting up a TollFree line, customers now have a dedicated channel to contact the Association and in turn receive faster service. It has also helped the Association provide consistently good banking practice across member banks when dealing with the public.

“It will provide another avenue for the banking industry to engage with the public and facilitate a deeper understanding of issues which may arise from time to time. The Association firmly believes that understanding will build confidence in the local banking industry.”

Dato’ Sri Abdul Hamidy Abdul Hafiz
The Association’s Chairman
Customer Satisfaction Survey – 2010 Malaysia Customer Service Index (CSI)

Naza improves by 12 points better than 2009 – ranked below the industry average last year at 704 points and this year at 716 points above the industry average of 710 points by using TM Toll Free.

“Year 2010 results are fantastic!!! Thanks to you and your team who have supported us with such comprehensive reports for our monthly management reviews”.

THE CLIMATE (Client Management Team)
“TM Toll Free ViSight report is very useful in determine staff efficiency in handling calls. The talk time, the longest talk time and the highest call cost enable us to examine the real issue.”
 Mohamad Rosli Md Ali
Call Centre
Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad

“That was very good report indeed!”

Yuma Tejima (手嶋翼真)
Telecom Manager, Asia
Genesys Conferencing, now part of InterCall
  1. Call activity summary for last 12 months under Historical Trending helps client to identify the progress of call rate by monthly basis.
  2. Top Ten Calling Regions under Monthly Overview efficiently track the most active states on property inquiry.
  3. Overview by Day specifically showed the most effective Marketing medium/campaign that happens during the period of time by daily basis.

“In overall, TM Toll Free ViSight Reporting helps us to keep track on the incoming enquiries to jive back potential leads that has been captured. With that, identification on the success rate of project would be more accurate and the report will be use as statistics record for post mortem purposes.

However having said that we’d looking forward on TM’s system enhancement for mobile number tracking in near future.”

Marketing Manager
“Why toll free for BHP???

Cost – All owner will need to bear their transaction charges (Phone call) in this case, Toll free will standardize the charges so that all station operator will only be charged on local call charges no whether where there were and where our host is located.

Security – We will have added security that operator or support personal (who programmed the ETC machine) can’t determine where is our system located (except that person have connection with TM to check and trace the routing number)

Convenience – you will have your choice to choose the Toll Free number that you wish to have so that it will rather associate with your business or religious so that it will be your chosen lucky number and you will memorized it easily.

Reporting – With the help of TM Toll Free ViSight reporting so we will have better monitoring of the call trend so that we will know which answering point is not performing and we can prepare strategy to overcome or fine tune it.

Professional – From a marketing perspective, being able to offer a Toll Free phone number in promotional material presents the opportune to improve the business’s brand and reputation. Without appearing coercive, using a Toll Free phone number on company literature draws attention to the business’s credibility.”

Eddie Tang
System Administrator
Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd

“TM TollFree with ViSight is great – you have presented a total solution”

Marketing Manager
Automobile Association


  • Existing Toll Free users but looking for additional numbers for new services
  • Would like calls delivered to their branches to improve their service levels (Routing Manager).
  • How can they manage after hours calls – (Time of Day Manager)
  • Consistently have problems providing actual data to their management on the performance for their call centre and support other business initiatives they would like to implement. (ViSight)

“TM Toll Free solution has been a contributing factor of capturing a significant revenue growth to the company…”

Suhaimi Zainal Abidin
VP Business Development
  • Will be using TM Toll Free in the future to increase market penetration of our Training & ICT Programs.
  • Ensure easy access for our ‘customers’ anywhere in Malaysia – easy to remember – call without hesitation!
  • ViSight providing intelligent information impacting our A&P budgets and internal operations

“My team and I reviewed the ViSight reports together with the event management. The reports are indeed useful and most interestingly when we compared the total calls received (118), it is vastly different from the 30 manual records by the event company.”

Jennifer Hsu
Vice President, Bancassurance & Marketing Services
MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd

“TM Toll Free ViSight report from Cyngus helps us to monitor our consultants’ performance. Besides that, we do our bench mark on our incoming call vs. outgoing call using the report which helps us to recognize our regular customers and their locations.”

Thachanalingam Thulacidharan
Customer Service Manager
Carrefour Malaysia

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