Citicom Computer Solution Centre has been founded in the year 2007. We are holding the mission of creating highest value of computer products and providing the best services to our customers in the computer solution industry.

The core business activities of Citicom Computer Solution Centre are providing solutions in computer and Information Technologies related products and services for personal and businesses, such as Customize new computer systems, trading in second-hand computer systems and computer accessories, Streamyx internet application, Networking installation, web-hosting, website design, domain name application, and solving various types of computer problems.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we would always try our best to provide the best services to satisfy our customer, for now or in the future.

Our Vision
Citicom Computer Solution Centre is aim at to become the leading computer centre as first choice for the customers in Kuching city. We are move towards to innovative technology accordingly in providing best services as well as informative consultancy to customers.

Our Missions
1.Creating of highest value of technology products and providing of best services to our customers, by satisfy all the needs of customers regarding computer and information technology products.
2.Offering of great services to customers that meet the quality of: speedy, reliability, variability, personality.
3.Customer-oriented business that listening to customers’ needs and respond to their needs, by creating maximum satisfaction of customers via our services provided.
4.Constantly update and upgrade our knowledge about information technology to keep on track with latest and innovative inventions regarding technology products.
5.Retention of customer relationships to maintain customers’ loyalty.

Address: LOT 493, NO. 293-B, SEMABA ROAD, 93250 KUCHING, SARAWAK.
On Site Service: 016-8979283 Fax: 082-579854

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