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W.P.T(Wedding photo in traveling)旅遊婚紗攝影新概念之所以受到很多人的喜愛和接受,除了本身所具有的旅遊与婚紗攝影同時參与的雙重魅力之外,Chris 的一對一的精緻拍 攝也是不可缺少的因素。凡是來到夢幻視覺的每一對顧客,Chris會有一隊攝影組為其服務,
在整個拍攝過程中,ChrisStudio 專業的攝影師、化妝師都會至始至終跟隨顧客拍 攝,這樣顧客就可以隨時和攝影組進行溝通和交流,更大程度上保證了照片的完美質量。

VIP 服務

夢幻視覺攝影機構永遠秉承一對一的精品服務意識不僅體現在拍攝上,同時也滲透到了Chris為顧客能夠服務到的每一個環節:您的專屬攝影師、專屬的化妝師、專屬 豪華外影車、溫馨的酒店住宿、包接包送的溫情服務……夢幻視覺的服務理念是“以人為本”,通過不斷的努力和發展,Chris會把這種意識做到更好、更強!


新光大道/夢幻視覺攝影機構從1998年成立至今,現在的客戶群已遍及全國及海外,很多顧客更成為了Chris非常要好的朋友,和我門建立了深厚的友誼和感情,Chris更由衷的相信,在真誠的感染下,您也將是Chris Studio大家庭裏幸福的一份子,Chris期待您的加入哦!


Chris Studio 新光大道(美里)率先全马首创的室内摄影e纳米,让每人拥有属于自己梦想的室内经典拍摄,人人都可自由选择自己满意的主题摄影,背景配搭可自由参考任何资讯,从而拥有别具一格的婚纱照。

e-纳米摄影,从背景,服装,化妆,造型,按照顾客量身定做,不另收费。 此外,顾客可马上看到真实的影像,并具有立体感,让顾客身入其境,其艺术耐看,物有所值,价格大众化。

为了在摄影技术上达到完美的质量与水准,Chris Studio 新光大道(美里)将大部分资金投资在技术上,以“以人为本“的服务理想, 通过不断的努力和发展,把这种意识做到更好,更强。

About Our Concept

Chris Studio Digital Image is a culture development enterprise that contaminated with wedding photography, art portrait, plan of advertisement and other multiple brands. Vision of illusion is the leader organization for “WPT” wedding photo in traveling with a new concept which successfully spreading by internet and already accepted, affirmatives and imitated by the masses and couples in the world.

The factor of W.P.T. (Wedding Photo in Traveling) traveling wedding photography be likely and acceptably by more of the masses because of the charm to possess traveling meanwhile with identify wedding photography, besides that, all customer we will serve by one group of photography and also technique of one by one delicate photo shooting. Hence, Chris Studio professional photographer, makeup article will also following while photo shooting proceed, so that, we can always communicate with Chris Studio’s customer to confirm standard of perfect and quality photo.

VIP Service

Vision of illusion photography which in accordance with one by one exquisite service not only for photography but also infiltrated all segment of services: an exclusive photographer, makeup article, luxurious car for outdoor shooting, warm and fragrant hotel accommodation, fetch up services and etc… We will continuously strive to develop and let it be better and stronger!

The Family of Vision Illusion

Chris Studio Digital Image organization start from year 1998 until now, Chris Studio’s customer extend all over domestic and oversea, most of them become Chris Studio’s best friend and build up profound friendship and emotions between us. We genuine believe that, we will be also become a part of Chris Studio’s sweetly family, we look forward you to join us!

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