Chop Guan Hock-colour

Chop Guan Hock 源福肉乾

Address: No.56, Padungan Road,93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-416206, 571080 (R)

电话: 082-416206, 571080(R)

Contact Person: TAN GUAN KOK
H/P: 016-878 9907

One thought on “Chop Guan Hock 源福肉乾 (KCH)

  1. Recently my sister and I bought 1kg of pork pieces to bring overseas in 2 half kg bag served by the male owner who knows my sister family well. Today I opened the bag and found the pork pieces were moldy.
    On opening the second bag not only found the pork pieces were also moldy and further noticed the pieces are not the normally square shape with bits here and there being cut and removed. I conclude and find the owner is NOT ethical and sold us old moldy pork pieces at full price over RM 100+ per kg . I sincerely advise all Sarawakians and esp Kuching folks NOT to buy from this shop. I am seriously considering taking and report the matter to Sarawak Business Council and beyond with photos to prove. Happy CNY guys

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