EARN ONLINE?! this is a “deal” between advertiser and the reader… reader may read the advertisement with point earning . just a simple word = you read the advertising, then u earn your point. they are also welcome the advertiser to join in and advertise with them –


some how there is also FAQ that we can refer to :-

1. Who pay me money?
Why Advertisers pay me money?
3. Member’s Benefits
4. Why advertise in Cash88.com ?

1. 我的奖金是谁给的?
2. 为什么商家会给我钱?

3. 会员利益
4. 为什么在Cash88.com打广告?

Who pay me money?
The Advertisers.

Q: Why Advertisers pay me money?
Every year companies spend millions of dollars to advertise. They want people like you and I to read and know more of their products.

In order to attract customers to read their advertisements, they have to give some kind
of compensation for the time you have spent for reading their advertisements. That is
why you are rewarded with cash or points that can be redeemed.

By reading advertisement and tell your friends to join (your downlines), you can easily
earn from RM 500-RM 1500 each month. If you multiply your downlines, you can earn
thousands per year!

So, does this sound something you want to do? If so, join us today.

Member’s Benefits:

(a) Click “Paid to Click”, read advertisements and gain points.

(b) Introduce to your friends to read advertisements and earn more points when they read
advertisements, up to 10 levels (5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 4%, 4%, 4%, 3%, 3%, 3%).

*(Easy to introduce thru “Tell-A-Friend (Version A) or (Version B)” in member’s area).

(c) Introduce Advertisement Package – Refer Packages to your customers or downlines and earn 15% commission easily.

*(Click “How To Sell Advertisement” in your member’s area to know more).

Why advertise in Cash88.com?

In this electronic age, e business is a trend that cannot be avoided, more and more consumers begin to use internet business transaction. This is why many businessmen rather invest huge sum of money on internet advertisements.

Internet is borderless, and advertising on the internet means you are advertising worldwide, and therefore limitless business opportunity.

Cash88.com deals with internet advertisement business, its main purpose is to provide service for interested businessmen to propagate their products and reaps business opportunities.

But why is cash88.com your priority choice? What are it’s distinctive advantages to consider? We would like to list four of them:


“Read Advertisement Gain Points” is sure to attract a lot of consumers, it is as if setting up a store in the best location or putting up a super-large advertisement banner (1000×500 meter)of your store on where streams of people will view it as they pass by, and therefore bringing great business opportunity.


Each advertisement needs to be read for 20 sec or above to collect points. This procedure will help consumers understand your products better , and therefore raising their motivation to consume them.


Our advertisements’ price is much cheaper compared with what you normally pay for TV commercial, broadcastings, and newspapers advertisements. You do not need to invest a lot to enter into internet business.


We have a professional service team They specialize in the quality of website, quality control of advertisements ,interactions among members, consumers service , and lots of details in technology .We will handle all these for you ,so you don’t have to worry about it. We ensure that your consumers will like to visit and shop in your e business stores.

In conclusion, as a manager, if you are looking for high business traffic, motivation to purchase increased, low cost of advertisement, and quality professional services , you have it at cash88.com!


i dont know how true it was, but since yesterday i know this website through the newspaper from “SINCHEW”. so i come. then now i just share with you all :- how to earn online . or u may have a try ?

ONly a few step to get register-

1. just fill your email after u click the below,

2. Check your email box

3. Click the link which cash88.com in your email

4. Fill up your form . then-

5. Finish, enjoy click and earn point/money …..

WELCOME TO www.cash88.com

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