provides travel information on Sarawak, the larger of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. The emphasis is on practical information, pictures that are representative of what visitors can really see, and articles that are both informative and thought-provoking.

If you are looking for an all-dancing, all-singing, design-heavy site with loads of pop-ups and Java then is not for you. However, if you want to find out about Sarawak and its people, and gather useful travel information for a forthcoming trip, then we think you will find the site of use.

The people behind the site, and its main contributors, are Wayne Tarman and Mike Reed, long term residents of Kuching, the state capital. As we live in Kuching we are able to update information regularly.

The site is not a comprehensive travel guide, not for the time being at least, but a personal view of Sarawak. As we travel about the state the site will be expanded to cover more destinations and more areas of interest, and occasional features on Sabah and Kalimantan as well.

For the time being, is divided into five main sections:

The Official Kuching Guide
The printed version of this Guide was first published in 1996. It has been updated annually since then and over 350,000 copies of the Guide have been distributed. It gives the visitor or potential visitor a good overview of what Kuching has to offer, and detailed listings of accommodation, travel information, etc. It is meant to be an all-purpose guide for visitors travelling on a range of budgets. For a more offbeat view of Kuching, read between the lines or check in the Travel Articles section. The online version has the added advantage that it will be regularly updated throughout the year.

The Travel Articles section is a mix of factual features that focus on a particular destination or aspect of Sarawak culture, and some fun stuff that we hope provides a hint of a what a great place Sarawak is to visit, and to live in.

Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery offers a visual introduction to Sarawak, and covers people and places that practical travellers can really get to and see.

Dolphins of Sarawak
A selection of features on the Irrawaddy dolphins of Sarawak. Includes information on where to watch these rare dolphins, dolphin sighting reports, travel articles, photos, video clips and more.

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A selection of Sarawak and Borneo-related links that we think are worth a look.


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