MYSTICAL! EXOTIC! FASCINATING!??. and countless of praise many a traveller has adored for what Borneo has got to offer. Strange but fantastic tales repeatedly mentioned have become realities. Come ?? unbelievably, your dream comes true.

Where else in the world can you find fish that Walks; Birds that Talks; Insect that Shines; Deer that Barks; Fox that Flies; Plants that Eats; Star that Twinkles and Flower that Shots? but right here in Borneo.

We all know where they are, admits excursions we conduct ranging from an easy sightseeing tour to adventurous Safari. Our job involves highlighting places of interest, operating excursions to unusual meandering river Safari and trekking along the trails to the unknown. While we can tailor made any tour package to suit your needs, we recently have gather some theme parties for you to slot in these packages to make them more inspiring.

We have, but not least, anticipate your needs to organize conference packages. Beside all arrangement necessary, we offer a panel of local qualified speakers touching on a wide scope of topic be it for seminar or workshop.

Think no more and gather no more. Borneo Interland Travel Sdn Bhd is here for you. Owned and operated by Sarawakians, our management team starts from scrapes of tour guiding to understand the individual needs of clients. Our ground handling staff were born and brought out locally, enabling them to convey the right message of our diversified culture and tradition. Adequately equipped, we strive towards positive attitude among our staff in undertaking assignments. The result is professionalism gulfed towards individualism.

We are strange as Borneo but no lousy. We are …………………………………..

The One Agency Your Travel Needs

Company Name: Borneo Interland Travel Sdn. Bhd.(184579-M)
Address: No.63, 1st Floor, Main Bazaar, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +(6)082-413595, 426328
Fax: +(6)082- 411 619

The official website for Borneo Interland Travel Sdn. Bhd. now is:- (English Version) (Bahasa Malaysia Version)

Contact Person: Steven Lau Ken Min

Mobile: +6 012-808 3309

Deal in: Inbound Tour Operator, Car and Coach Rental, Incentive Tour and Conference Package, Hotel Reservation, Air Ticket, Express Bus & Boat Reservation, Outbound Tours Agents.

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