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The World of Honda
Honda began operations in 1948, manufacturing auxiliary engine-equipped bicycles, with the aim of giving people more mobility. Fifty five years later, Honda is still using technology to develop better means of transportation, but today, in the form of motorcycles, automobiles and engines to power boats and machines, that serve people around the world.

Rapid growth of the company and widespread popularity of its products – 128 manufacturing facilities in 29 countries and over 15 million customers around the world.

Fuel Economy
Consumption of the world’s limited fossil fuel resources especially in the form of gasoline by automobiles continues to grow year after year.

During the past 3 decades, Honda has developed a reputation around the world for its relentless pursuit of fuel economy and alternative energy sources Honda continues to reduce gasoline consumption by improving the efficiency of its vehicles and engines. It has achieved ground breaking fuel economy as well as reduced emissions through the development of new generation engine systems vehicles weight reduction, aerodynamic design and hybrid fuel technologies.

New Generation Engines
One of Honda’s approaches to slowing the depletion of energy resources is to develop innovative engines and transmission systems that maximize effective use of fuel providing lively performance and high fuel efficiency.

The clean burning 4-stroke engines, used in Honda motorcycles, not only reduce emissions but also burn about half the fuel consumed by 2-stoke engines. Compact combustion chamber configurations and optimal air-fuel combustion, adaptable to varying speeds, significantly lower fuel consumption.

Honda 4-stroke engine technologies are being applied in power products to achieve greater levels of fuel economy and high output. Four-stroke Overhead Valve (OHV) engines are used in lawnmowers, for example, facilitating approximately 30% improvements in fuel economy with lower emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide than typical mowers.

Cleaner Emissions – Greener Motorcycles
Honda worldwide is making 2003 by discontinuing production of 2-stroke motorcycles. Now all Honda motorcycle models will be equipped with 4-stroke engines. These engines burn fuel more efficiently and thus emit cleaner and less exhaust gases.

Honda’s advanced technologies for efficient fuel combustion in automobiles can be adapted for implementation in motorcycles and power products as well. Most motorcycle models incorporate air-cooled 4-stroke Econo Power Overhead Carnshaft engines. The air-cooled aluminum casing ensures powerful performance and fuel economy with more thorough combustion.

All Honda motorcycles meet the stringent emission regulations. In addition, Honda is working to reduce use of substances that are hazardous to the environment.

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