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Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Weight Loss Product
Sexual Enhancement Food
Far Infrared Ray Slimming Suit

E-Plus Fibrefit high fibre diet food not only is it the most natural, convenient and healthy way to look after our bodies, but high fibre diet food helps to control weight by satisfying hunger and helping you to feel full for much longer.

It’s important to add high fibre diet foods to your diet slowly over a couple of weeks. This gives your digestive system time to gradually adjust to the change. And be sure to drink plenty of water.

No Starvation, Eat Normal
No Indigestion
No Medicine or Drug
No Liposuction, No Dehydration
Feel Energetic

The E-Plus fibrefit high fibre diet food is a delicious nutrient-rich drink supplement, which is cultivated through latest low heat technology; it is not heaty, formulated using all natural 100% pure essence and contains high fibre. It combines the goodness of hawthorn berries, green tea, Asiatic plantains, banana and pineapple, lemon, lotus leaves and red yeast rice to help you achieve a healthier well-being.

E-Plus Fibrefit high fibre diet food has been proven to neutralize substances in the body and help clear toxins and detoxify the body naturally passage.

E-Plus Fibrefit high fibre diet food makes stools heavier and speeds their passage through the gut

* Like a sponge, it absorbs many times its weight in water, swelling up and helping to eliminate feces and relieve constipation,* so users have experienced heightened energy levels and better skin tone at the same time to gain the lighter body.

BENEFIT of E-Plus Fibrefit High Fibre Diet Food:

* May reduce appetite
* Lowers variance in blood sugar levels
* May reduce onset risk or symptoms of metabolic syndrome and diabetes
* Facilitates regularity
* Relieve constipation
* Burns and breaks down fat immediately
* Energizes and relaxes the body
* Tighten skin tissues
* Helps to remove body waste, tonic and excess water
* Promote anti-aging



1. Sky22 Milky Nano Bubble (Mirco Bubble) Skin care SPA is a good bath product that has effect to fatigue recovery, cutis affection, blood circulation, skin beauty art, diet.

2. Sky22 Milky Nano Bubble (Mirco Bubble) Skin care SPA is product for good neck in health that can experience hot spring effect at the house.

3. Sky22 Milky Nano Bubble (Mirco Bubble) Skin care SPA does not become comparison with other product, Milky Nano Bubble SPA generates a lot of anions.

4. Sky22 Milky Nano Bubble (Mirco Bubble) Skin care SPA kills germs in body, water that happen at an increasing bath.

5. Sky22 Milky Nano Bubble (Mirco Bubble) Skin care SPA makes anion by generate Nano Bubble. Nano bubble is super oxygen bubble, There is surprising cleansing, sterilization function in Nano Bubble.


1. Sterilization (Dermatitis Improvement)
Negatively charged oxygen has high bonding force so that they stick to impurities underwater and eliminate with high energy as the bubbles burst.

2. Cleansing
Small ultrasonic wave and high radio frequency cleanse skin impurities in pores.

3. Diet
Ultrasonic makes by state that is apt to break down body fat by generating heat and shock. There is kinetic effect that maximizes energy consumption. By occurred heat and shock.

4. Alleviate pain and recover from fatigue (Negative Ion)
Small ultrasonic wave is transferred instantly to internal organs of body and alleviates nervous, bone and muscular pains.


Working theory of E-plus Ion Spa ionic footbath

E-plus Ion Spa (Ion Cleanse Foot Spa) works on the theory of electrolysis by conducting a process called “ionization”, the process breaks the water molecules into thousand of ions. With these ions, the chemical reaction between Anion and Cation react vigorously with each other. Through the osmosis, it will strengthen the cells activation in the body. Besides, it facilitates the rate of metabolism and activates various kinds of enzymes, therefore, making the excretory organs speeding the function of waste removal, particularly in the liver.

The built-in micro computer system of Ion Spa (Ion Cleanse Foot Spa) will generate negative potential field in the water. The various human fluids contain electrolyte, human fluids are actually electrolyte solution. Human tissues are conductors of electrolyte; they are capable of conducting current. When the legs get into contact with the water, they will experience same potential with the water.

When field is formed by the rise of negative potential in the water, same thing will happen to the human body. This will cause the sodium and potassium ions outside the cell membrane to rearrange. And this will effectively stimulate both the sodium and potassium pumps on the membrane, and enhancing the ion potential storage formed by them.

These enhance cells restoring and maintain to normal negative potential, and at the same time enhance the ability of cell membrane convert to anions.

Is E-plus Ion Spa ionic footbath Safe to Use?

The Ion Spa (Ion Cleanse Foot Spa) is totally safe to use. The electricity is delivered to the array which then stimulates the chemical reaction between the water, salt and body part submerged. The output voltage through transformer of the unit is only 18W. Current with lower than 36W is safe to human. These are certified by CE World Attestation & CB Certificate.

The E-Plus Ion Spa (Ion Cleanse Foot Spa) unit has been awarded SIRIM and CE Test Certificates and CB and UL Test Certificates in the United States.



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