Since its inception in September 2002, ANRAN Enterprise’s manufacture of nano-mic biochemistry materials, live bacterium foods, cosmetics and health food products has grown rapidly in the China market. On April 2004, the company took up 100 units at Weihai’s industrial zone. Two months later, in June, it was registered as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, the Shadong Anran Nano Industrial Company with an investment of HK S78 million.Anran’s mission is to become a leading technology with the establishment of a national brand in the development of health products. Its organizational ethos is the provision of health services and the realization of life’s sublimation.
21st century marks the beginning of the new century. Every individual will wish to have a better quality of life. Due to the changes of the economy, modern diseases and unemployment rate have increased. As a result, more people become more stressful.To the working population, the most stressful things are mental and stresses.

ANRAN NANO (M) SDN BHD is providing you a business opportunity through our high bio-tech healthcare products together with the marketing plan to you enable to upgrade your quality of life at the same time solving your health and stress problem.

We are inviting all interested people to comeby and join us 21st century new and breakthrough business opportunity and together building for a better tomorrow.


华 林国际集团拥有四家全資子公司,三家控股合資公司,海外設立三家分支机构,产品遍及美国﹑德国﹑加拿大﹑俄羅斯﹑日本及东南亞地区,远销三十几个国家,具 有极高的市场占有率。公司汇集了一批国內外的专家﹑教授﹑博士﹑碩士等专业技术人才,致力於高新技术产品开发研製。经过多年的探索和努力,在激烈的市场竞 爭中迅速发展和壯大,形成了以科研﹑开发﹑生产﹑複合营销为一体的現代化跨国健康产业。


安然不断永续传承“高效﹑创新﹑诚信﹑双贏” 的精神,为安然事业伙伴的成功和人类的健康做出贡献。



The materials contain micro minerals extracted from natural minerals. Combining clorofics, optic macromolecules and enhanced blood stream technology, they possess absorption and transmission capabilities without using electricity. They perform remarkably well at room tempretures to absorb and transmit human energies, transforming them into human biological power. Through this process, cells are activated, promoting metabolism and micro-circulation. This elevates physical immunity and health.


Micro-circulation is the flow of blood via the capillary system into the circulation of the small arteriole. It is blockages which cause sicknesses. Micro-circulation delivers oxygen and disposes of carbon dioxide and other metabolites. When it falters, the aging process begins. Micro-circulation is often reffered to as the body’s second heart.

Changes in the capillaries and blood flow are the main reasons for micro-circulation blockage. This causes :

  • Low blood volume
  • Metabolism disorder, causing ischemia and acidosis
  • Disorder of internal organs
  • Diffusability of intravascular coagulation

Example :

Coronary artery atherosclerosis is the clogging of blood vessels due to the formation of a plaque or plaques on the blood vessel. These build up on the membrane in the coronary. The artery then narrows, resulting in myocardium ischemia and oxygen insufficiency.

Imbalance of the central nervous system causes sclerosis in the little artery. Pressure on the blood vessel increases when blood is constricted through the narrowed vessel.

Tissues at the joint hydroncus form because of blockage in the micro-circulation. Large fibres and proteins then ooze from the joint slippery membrane, causing congestion and hydroncus.

Sclerosis of blood vessels in the brain causes blood platelet lecucocyte, and red blood corpuscles accumulate in large quantities. Blood viscosity increases, thrombus forms and blood vessels constrict.

Nano is the measurement for 1 (one) basic unit. One nano unit equivalent to one billionth meter. The diameter is equal to one fiftieh thousand of a strand of hair. Scientific evidence indicates that a material may undergo trmendous changes in physical and chemical characteristics when it is converted into a nano unit through cientific means. This nano material is more active and possesses greater energy potential. This quantity accumulation leads to changes in quality.

Nano’s range of products have been approved and accepted by The People’s Insurance Company of China as the official products for the Weihai International Habit Festival.



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