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Hi, Just know me as Annna with triple Ns. Currently, still located in Kuching (miaw miaw city), Sarawak, Malaysia.

Blogging is my hobby. I’ve been blogging since August 2004. From aLL about anna to Dine with Anna and today, Dine with Annna.

I blog mostly about food as I love trying out new places in town and tasting new yummy food. Sometimes, when I try new recipes or baked or cooked something, I will share them. So, stay tune for more yummylicious *Slurp Slurp*

I also blog about the bits and rants about my life, surroundings and people around me. I also cover events that are happening in town or events I’m invited to join. I enjoy traveling, shopping, parties, etcetc.. As long as there’s crowd, new things and new experiences, I’m there for it!

Do enjoy your stay here..

Yam Seng (cheers)


For more Information :- http://annna.net/

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