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It is great pleasure to be given this opportunity to introduce our company to your company and your good self
Since its foundation in 1995, A M-Office System Sdn Bhd and A M-Office Group Industries Sdn Bhd has made great efforts to meet clients’ sophisticated needs with ever changing demands and delivering the best of its quality of modern designed of office furniture for instance the practicability and effectiveness of integration of workstations and chairs designed must be specifically to eliminate back pain and fatigue.
At present A M-Office System Sdn Bhd and A M-Office Group Industries Sdn Bhd has built its reputation on providing such services and neat products that carry the marks of consistent distinction and quality. These indeed are the values deeply ingrained in its corporate culture. Not surprisingly, there are also the personal values held by the directors who with visionary thinking and entrepreneurial skill have seen the people and company grow and flourish and poised to make its mark internationally.
Further more, we even provide turnkey package whereby we give design consultation services as well as renovation for the whole project because we have always been in concern in the contract management such as contract cost control as to ensure our client’s advantage in terms of budget and qualities and value added.
From here, we would be great of pleasure to enclose herewith our company profile. In the meantime, should you need any assistance or clarification pertaining our company’s profile attached or others, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to discussing our products in greater detail with you.

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Lot PT 2291,
Kampung Baru Sg.Buloh
47000 Sungai Buloh,
Selangor D.E, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-6157 7336
Fax: +603-6156 9089
Email: customer_service@amoffice.com.my

For more details: www.amoffice.com.my

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