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http://22.com.my is a Business Information Link’s Website —-

The main objective of 22.com.my is to advertise and promote businesses from Sarawak, Malaysia. We work with companies and firms that specialize in all areas, such as taxi/van/car rental, motel, traveling and tourism, beauty and fashion, event organizer, IT, cafe and restaurant, photography, and much more.

In our days everyone talks about money. Money became the first priority in our life and a lot of people may find it hard to have a successful business with low budget. (There is a well-known Asian company, whose motto is “Now everyone can fly!” We have one as well.) Our motto is “Now everyone can advertise!” In the age of computer technology, the Internet became one of the most popular way to advertise a good or service. This is when 22.com.my comes to promote your business online and support you in making first steps in business career.

Besides widely advertising businesses from Sarawak around the world, we also offer business companies to join 22.com.my and create a personal webpage like http://22.com.my/YOURNAME.

QM Advertising is a business partner of 22.com.my that specializes in designing and printing name cards, posters and other products, which will promote your business.

QM advertising is a company, which 22.com.my chooses to gather more information about local businesses as it has a lot of customers in different areas. This partnership between QM advertising and 22.com.my will help you to make your business successful. We are also looking for more agents like QM Advertising to become a partner of 22.com.my. So, it’s an opportunity for you to advertise on 22.com.my to let other people know about your company.

Any customer, who orders at least 100pcs name card in QM Advertising, will automatically be given a webpage on 22.com.my, like 22.com.my/YOUR-NAME, for free.

I believe that now it’s the time for businessmen to do online advertising, as we all know that online world is slowly becoming the best source of information for everyone

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http://22.com.my 是一家与 QM advertising 的合作伙伴公司. (Business Information’s Link)

22.com.my 的规划与憧憬, 是希望马来西亚拥有一家属于’自己’的一个商业网络平台,尤其是在砂拉越(砂州). 透过马来西亚商业网,把更多有关马来西亚的商业质询以网络广告方式与世界各地外资联系一起。

22.com.my (马来西亚商业网)的成立,是让中小型企业能以’简单方便的宣传’方式,成立属于自己的’网站页面’. 透过QM advertising 的协助下(影印名片), 22.com.my 也得到了广大商家的支持。目前,读者都可以透过22.com.my寻找更多有关马来西亚商业或生意上的详情. 希望大家都能踊跃参与这项免费的宣传广告网 –  上述所谈的免费网站就如: www.22.com.my/YOURNAME (您的公司名字)

目前的网络咨询逐渐在马来西亚兴起。然而,要成立一个网站,需要支付不少的网页设计费用,宣传网站广告的费用。为了这个缘故, 22.com.my就在2005年开始探讨本地网络上的市场. 那时也只是开始做网站结构而已, 还不怎么容易要在网络里做宣传。何况网络用户也还没目前广泛的使用, 加上”网站’收费’昂贵, 之所以只有”大型企业”才有能力做网站宣传。

依目前上网/自由网络以及各式各样的网络活动/还有廉价的上网价格,逐渐渗透人民/公司都需要上网。所以,对现在的人拥有自己的网站已不是件难事了,却也面对网站游览人数少之又少。日子久了,网站如同废墟一般。让商家对网络的宣传失去了信心。如此一来,商家也对网络宣传止步了。然而,目前已不同往时了, 由于时代科技的成熟度逐渐的升温, 从2007年开始,22.com.my能走到今天,也是因为把各界商家凝聚在22.com.my里,这要感谢商家们无私的支持。

最后,22.com.my(马来西亚商业资讯网)的目标与理想,就是希望能把本地的商业咨询凝聚起来, 让各领域的商家都能参与这里网络的宣传局势。引领网络潮流,以便能够吸引更多读者及外资进入马来西亚的市场, 引进更多的外汇资金 :)

虽然过程不容易,然而 ‘一人都有一网站’。这些都不是梦想, 更多详情可参阅 http://22.com.my/advertise)

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