Century Electrical Works is a company establish in 2004. We are a company specialise in all kind of electrical works that include electrical wiring, air-condition control and fire alarm control, installation of busducts etc. We have experienced workers in all our specialise field. Before the birth of CENTURY, we have done many major projects in Malaysia and Singapore. Such as, Menara Pelita, STA Building, BIOPOLIS, PSA Building and Warehouse, SIEMENS Centre etc.

CENTURY is full of experience and knowledge in electrical as we had encounter numberous of project.

Projects involved:

1) Menara Pelita Kuching

*Installing Hitachi Busducts ranging from 1600A+ 02000A & MICC cables for sub board and DB’s ranging from 1c 16mm² to 1c 85mm².

2) STA Building Kuching

*Installing Final – Sub Wiring consist of lighting & power points in GI conduits

3) Betong Sport Complex

*Installing Air-cond control of 2 units 300,000btu air cool unit AHU’s

*Installing fire alarm system of 16 zone alarm

4) Green Height Mall

*Installing Air-cond control of 4units 280,000 btu air cool units AHU’s and fresh air or exhaust fan motor

5) One TJ IT Hub

*Installing Air-cond control of 8units 50,000btu air cool unit air condition

*Installing fire alarm system of 18 zone alarm

6) Sarawak Convention Center

*Installing Air-cond control for 400A chiller (4units) c/w cooling tower and condenser pump

*Installing 19 units of 300,000btu AHU’s control wiring

*Installing 34 units of various amps from 3ø22 to 70 amps for smoke spill fan motor

*Installing 22 units of fan coil unit control wiring ranging from 0.4kw to 4kw

*Installing control for exhaust fan and fresh air motor ranging from 0.1kw to 0.8kw

7) Sarawak Energy Building

*Installing Air-con control

Contact us:

Fax: 082-414273

Tel: 014-6859688 (Mr Ngu)

Email: ngu_chin@yahoo.com

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