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   STEP 1: Apply (Using applicant’s hp)

    Example: APP#ALI BIN AHMAD#650101075251#10-A-2, JALAN PENANG, 10410 PENANG, MALAYSIA

   sms to

   24 Hours Server (primary) +6012-678 0470

   24 Hours Server (secondary) +6019-405 1985

   please wait for server reply in 1-5 mins (worldwide)

“Yr information is accepted. Pls ask yr introducer to activate yr a/c now. Earning 3-4 figure DAILY with 1whp.net, proven best WORLDWIDE MOBILE NETWORK today!”

After registration , contact me :  Mr.Chai for activation , Call : +6-011-36378083



  • Instant
    Using ID + password, customers and partners can access www.1whp.net from anywhere in the world and send BULK SMS to recipient located anywhere in the world in an instant
  • Selling without the NEED to have testimony
    The effectiveness of the products depend on the content input by user, and to whom are the targeted recipient
  • Costing
    Bulk SMS Marketing is the lowest marketing tools & information dissemination compared to others, environmentally friendly, effective and returns with instant results
  • Potential
    Selling to the world in an instant! No custom clearance, product examinations and approval required
  • Language limitation
    www.1whp.net cuts across language barrier, people with different language can access the site using the translator provided by browser and www.1whp.net support sending of BULK SMS in any languages, however, the receiver’s hand phone must have multi language support to be able to read the SMS correctly

Benefits: SIMPLE Duplication Process

  • Package J50 Start from RM55 (Junior, Easy to start)
    Helping every potential client to start easily, thus making the duplication process much easier
  • Package B36 Start from RM360 (Basic, Auto Upgrade from J50)
    The ideal pathway for ultimate success with J50, cheaper SMS rates


  • E-Commerce
    Back Office System with Multiple Marketing tools available thru the Internet
  • M-Commerce
    Business related transactions thru the use of SMS from customer’s registered hand phone (anywhere, anytime without the need of notebook/computer and internet access)

Marketing Plan

  • Normal Plan
    Simple 5 levels with auto compress and auto upgrade features
    (Payout Ratio – est. 97.5%)
  • Highest Payout
    The fact that our product cost of selling to 1 customer and to 1 millions customers is about the same therefore enable us to pay the highest in the industry
  • Auto Upgrade
    Solution for most people wants to earn high but pay low, however, there are option to start straight-away with the highest package, thus can skip the auto upgrade features and save customers from paying for both packages
  • Zero Maintenance
    Pay once, therefore there are no pressure in pursuing the business
  • Auto Income Re-generator
    Once Income > RM1000 and RM10,000, system auto keep 10%-20% for Auto Income Re-generator (Repeat Bonus)
  • Yearly Renewal
    Every earning accounts is subjected to yearly auto renewal features, this create yearly repeating income for all business builders
  • Bonus is paid instantly and withdrawal can be made DAILY
    Instant SMS notification when income is made, daily withdrawal can be performed by SMS or login to customer’s back end office online

If you are still struggling with the old, conventional and outdated system and find it difficult to attract new customers, OR
if your products still need lots of testimony to convince customers, OR
if your business transactions still requires notebook/computer and internet connections, OR
if your business plan are not paying high enough to the business builders, OR
if … many other reasons …

And you had tried building your business with all the big names in the industry but yet to find your success, and you still harbor your BIG dreams and want to realize it regardless of your age and capabilities, you still long for something to change your life, well … HERE IT IS!
This is the business that you have been wanting for, searching for, dreaming for, having it for & enjoy doing it for!

An analogy, we are just like any car manufacturer, we can make the most advance super sport car but it still requires the BEST driver to win the race. And in this business, the most advance super sport car cost you so little to start, you can take action NOW, take it for a spin, feel the power of generating FASTER & BIGGER income which is so effortlessly EASY for yourself!

With multiple packages to choose from, you can pick the package that you’re most comfortable to work with, remember low entry low income, high entry high income, it’s all up to you and your surrounding customers preference

Others that can offer close to 100% payout are mostly giving downloadable e-books or web listing as their primary products, and like so many opportunity available online, all those biz can offer is just a website, of which countless of new website are being launched daily, and of cause, still NO SMS Server (m-commerce) available, Imagine, there are many times more people with hand phones compare to laptop/computers with internet facilities that can easily transact business like this. Duplication process is make easier & multiplied many times faster with SMS technology, which give you FASTER & BIGGER income in the SHORTEST time ever!

Lastly, with 1whp, almost everyone with a hand phone can succeed! All you need to do is to understand the concepts of depending on oneself and the power of networking !

Life is a choice, you make your decision,
Nothing will be change unless you first make the change,
To change is hard, but NOT TO change is HARDER!!

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